A Solitary Choice

2008 Horatio awards for best actor, director and playwright

Written by: Sheila Duncan

Directed by: Michael Allen

Starring: Tamara Lee

“It all started with the sheep, up until then I never once doubted my life”

Ruth is living the quiet rage of a suburban housewife caught between the pragmatics of modern life and her desire to be free.

A chance encounter with a South American busker leads her into the secret passions of an affair, which results in her unexpected pregnancy.

Forced to make a decision with life and death real players in the dilemma, Ruth faces her choice as thousands of women before her… alone.

a one-person theater piece that maintains a meticulous balance between visceral performance, visual imagery and a literary script that could stand alone as a short story. This is one of the strongest dramatic pieces I’ve seen so far at KC Fringe.

Robert Trussell (Kansas City Star)

Thought provoking but without pushing an agenda this heartfelt and humorous account of one woman’s secret has touched thousands around the world with its tale of an all too common human dilemma.

This award winning and internationally acclaimed South Australian production is available for touring.

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