T4D_theatre of the 4th dimension

MAP leading the way for South Australian theatre in the new digital age

Live streaming live theatre does 2 things

creates access for audiences

creates access for theatre makers

Capitalising on social media platforms and the reach of live streaming creates a unique opportunity to develop audiences and markets for our work.


Working in theatre for a live-stream audience demands new creative practice. We are creating a live theatre experience for a live audience as well as a live streamed audience watching our shows via computer, home entertainment and IOS/Android devices. Working this way requires entertaining a new kind of audience which has its own technical and creative demands.

MAP believes that the essence of theatre is the shared ephemeral experience between audience and actor.

We believe the new frontier of digital entertainment is an opportunity, not a threat to theatre.

Upcoming live streamed performances…

August 27

‘You Wanna Bita This Now?’

starring Tamara Lee

Join live as part of our online audience when Tamara Lee finds out what happens when she does it.

Does what?

A performance art reaction to the social condition of being a career actor in a world of WTF moments.

The Dead Move Fast

by Paul Sellar


This project is in development as we collaborate with, among others, IS DESIGN + DIGITALthe digital image design gurus.

This project will lead the way with how theatre makers can entertain in the real world and the online world at the same time.

It redefines the creative practice of making theatre and demands that artists and technology work in new uncharted ways.

Our creative developments are so exciting, it’s really hard not to tell you how awesome the product looks already.

Check out some of the photos on our FB page and stay tuned for more details as they emerge.