Play a part

There is a place for everyone on the MAP stage.

MAP goals for all our shows are to:

  • create shows which entertain and challenge peoples thinking;
  • extend the boundaries of the experience beyond the time in the theatre seat;
  • use theatre as a vehicle for increasing awareness of social issues;
  • partner with charities, not-for-profits and corporations who:
  • want to drive social change messages into the community;
  • benefit from the additional exposure and immersive experience that theatre creates;
  • have the capacity to foster and drive the ongoing discussions that lead to real social change.

Read on, jump on.


MAP are dedicated to creating more opportunities for people to engage in locally produced, international standard theatre.

p>We are also dedicated to aligning our projects with the interests of community groups, not-for-profit organisations and NGO’s.

But how can we help you in the process?

We offer allocations of tickets to selected performances at heavily discounted prices so you can sell them, raffle them and keep whatever you make as our contribution towards your fundraising. Or share the love and give them away to those extra special supporters and loyal contributors.

We align the conversations around our projects to your services and programs. We think it is vital to engage diverse organisations that engage with the coal face of social issues and advocacy.

For more information about how your group can take advantage of a relationship with MAP contact us today.

Commercial Partners

MAP is dedicated to cultivating, promoting and supporting independent businesses with like-minded objectives of delivering SA made services and products to the world.

We know commercial enterprise wants to engage and be seen to be engaging with ideas of social integrity, quality content and creative artists of the highest calibre.

Join in the energy of what we create and to be a part of that action.

Promote your business locally, nationally or internationally with one of our projects.

Be actively engaged in supporting social engagement not-for-profit organisations and NGO’s.

Activate your organisation’s Community Social Responsibility (CSR) policy.

For more information about how your business can take advantage of a relationship with MAP contact us today.


MAP sometimes use crowd funding site such as POZIBLE to generate capital for projects, further promote individual projects and give our audience the chance to collaborate with us.